One of our Leeds Dads went along to the White Rose this week to check out the new Bricktastic Animal Heroes exhibition to see whether you should too! Our visit was made after work with a three year old lego fan.

Giant Pandad

The journey started at customer services, down next to Boots. They provided us with a pencil and map, which gave us the location of all the animals. If we found them all then there’d be a prize at the end…

Animal number one was a giant panda. Not entirely sure but I would happily believe that all animals were to scale. The tiger rearing up to be 2 feet taller than me certainly supported this theory!

The guide provided handy pointers of which direction to head in, and made it clear when and where there were animals to be found. Luckily the weather was lovely so finding two outside was married with a short play in the new outdoor park.

Once we’d finished we headed to the Entertainer to get a sticker for completion of the guide. It was a little bit of a shame that the guide was retained by the shop assistant but I guess we could have asked for it back.

Little legs was happy to finish the day upstairs with a Happy Meal since she’d been so good on the animal hunt. We then dropped our pencil back at customer services (the event is very much based around saving the planet so this was our little effort!) and headed home. Little legs was asleep by the time we rolled up at home, a sign of a great evening.

For me, I thought it was a really nice exhibit, and whilst there was no challenge to finding the animals, there were plenty and the efforts to make these out of Lego did not go unnoticed. They all looked great without exception. Doing the animal hunt in isolation will take you less than half an hour, but if you’re looking to visit the White Rose with a child in any event then it is definitely worth seeking out the map from customer services.

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