With about 6.3 days of sunshine predicted in the North before autumn is here, we need to make the most of the sunshine when we can. Here’s Leeds Dads’ guide to enjoying your family day at the beach.

Do take the suncream! The sunshine can burn even if the wind is howling a gale.

Don’t forget to bring your buckets and spades from home! They cost a fortune at the seaside and can be easily picked up at the pound shop at home.

Obviously a prototype of the Sandero

Do use your imagination. Children can have the best time defending a castle, digging to Australia or even driving their new car!

My legs are gone!

Don’t let your guard down… I closed my eyes for two minutes and little legs had buried my legs and feet!

Do take some change for the donkeys and amusements. £1 will get you 50 plays on a tuppeny pusher and is a good way to kill time when the rain comes!

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