“The witch had a cat, and a very tall hat, and long ginger hair that she wore in a plait…”

These are lines that this dad hears several times a week. Little legs loves this book, and whilst at 2 she’s a way off reading, she could recite this story to you without pause or hesitation. As soon as I heard about this hidden gem 40 minutes from Leeds at Anglers Country Park in Wintersett, we were set to go with equal enthusiasm. In fact, despite this book being a staple part of the nursery library for more than half of little legs’ life, somehow I’d never heard of this treasure of a walk!

After parking up (for free) the first port of call was the visitor centre. We knew it was cash only, so had £2 in hand for an activity pack. This had all you needed for the walk – map, crayons, page for rubbings, a quiz for finding letters around the lake plus more to do at home.

It’s a 2 mile flat walk. We did it with friends and a pram, but it was muddy in places. Took about two hours with stops to play and snack. Around the lake are wooden statues of the characters and metal plaques to do some rubbings.

Cafe is shut in winter but there were plenty of picnic tables, plus a little hut selling hot drinks was set up.

A dog as keen as can be…
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