I first attended Leeds Dads in January 2015 as the father of a six month old that, in all honesty, I hadn’t spent a huge amount of time with.

It’s hard being a dad sometimes, with work and all of the parent and child activities seemingly taking place during the working week – and a large amount of those directly aimed at mothers – there seems to be little to do with a six month old.

I really enjoy coming to Leeds Dads as it feels, as cheesy as this may sound, like a support group.

Sharing experiences with other likeminded people who are at, or beyond, where you are in terms of fatherhood is amazing and has helped so much.

I’m not ashamed to say that it has bolstered my confidence as a father and the fun activities each month have helped to increase my son’s confidence as well.

It’s a real joy to see him running around with other children, some of whom are a lot older than he is, and have fun, whilst getting advice on how best to navigate the newfoundland that is fatherhood from seasoned explorers (excuse the metaphor).

The regular childless socials are also immensely enjoyable!
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Dermot Joshua

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