Why do I go to Leeds Dads? The short answer is because I met Errol Murray in a playground.  We were pushing our daughters on the swings and got chatting.  We haven’t stopped since.

Chris Zoe SelfieBut the real reason I go to Leeds Dads is because it does so much more than offer dads and kids something to do on a Sunday afternoon.  The real power is in the shared experiences, stories, and methods.  And having a really, really good laugh – there’s nothing like comparing notes to find we’re all in the same boat.  Whether it’s out-grossing each other with a poo-centric horror story, sharing a moment when our child has been unexpectedly delightful, or just knowing someone else is going through a similar tough time (or has come out the other side unscathed), it’s pure tonic.

I’ve met so many lovely people.  Despite our different ages and backgrounds, disparate careers and varying numbers of kids, we all strive to achieve a similar goal in our parenting.  Whether consciously or unconsciously, we are dads who want to do more, be better, to grow as people and to support each other.      

Why notChris Walton Family come along and find out what we’re about? 

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