Leeds Dads is a voluntary organisation that brings together a diverse community of fathers for social interaction and support. We host playgroups for dads and kids, organise social events for dads and families, and provide information and expert parenting support. Leeds Dads is unique in our key aim of supporting fathers to actively engage with their children, and build lasting relationships.

“Leeds Dads has helped me to meet other dads and provides a nice relaxing environment to spend one-on-one time with my son.”

“Leeds Dads focuses on male issues with parenting and relationships.”

“Leeds Dads helped me to feel confident spending time with my son on my own, offered models of parenting that is distinct from professional advice and through the chat and social meetings, gave me a network of friends.”

“The group is not simply a place saying “come on and play with your kids” but “come on and interact with other dads that are also taking care of their children”… definitely [it has made a difference] because I feel more confident to just go out with [my son] and make things with him, but more than that, it made me reflect more about parenting.”