As a single parent, and as a dad, I have felt somewhat alone. I reflected on the fact that most of the time I went to groups etc, I was one of a handful of dads and I did feel as though dads should be doing more.

However, thanks to the power of the internet, there are groups of dads who do go above and are the ones taking their child here there and everywhere, some of whom will be in a similar position to myself.

These groups exist give me great comfort and support, even if it is just reading the posts and smiling, knowing that I have been in that particular situation. Yes, being the only dad in a parent/toddler class of 40 children will never be easy, but I know that the support groups are there. They are just a bit harder to find for dads than for mums.

Also, it does get easier as time goes on. Confidence grows and as babies turn into toddlers, they make friends and that turns going out into the highlight of the week.

Yes, it is still difficult, yet life is difficult and I realise that I am very lucky to be in a better place than others. If after reading this and you don’t know where to turn and you are a fellow Leeds Dad, join the Facebook/Twitter for the Leeds Dads group. They meet once a month in Leeds (although I have only been once due to sleeping toddler!), a really informal group and the WhatsApp chat group is a source of great comedy!

Blog post courtesy of @LeedsDad

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