How can you describe the indescribable?!
Boomchikkaboom is like nothing else out there in the baby/toddler entertainment market and it must be seen to be believed and enjoyed!
Think of a normal parent/child music class, then add modern upbeat music, throw in a few dancefloor classics, sprinkle in disco lights and a huge parachute and top off with oodles of bubbles and you get somewhere close!

We started going to Bookchikkaboom when Heidi was about 18 months old (back in the days when it was called Baby Rave North!) and we make sure that we go every couple of months because every time is different, but every time is brilliant, as well as exhausting!!

Heidi has grown out of the baby raves now a little, but the preschool workshops are brilliant (we weren’t the only ones to attend 2 in 2 weeks!) and the bigger raves are absolutely brilliant – who would have thought that you could fill a huge nightclub full of raving parents and babies in the weekend bfore Christmas!

Boomchikkaboom is a reminder that you can have a brilliant time out when you are a parent – ok the session might start at 11am rather than 11pm, but the atmosphere is just as good. You know that you know that you have your best friend enjoying some amazing tunes, maybe for the first time, but definitely not the last!

Going to a Boomchikkaboom event is such a brilliant experience and you will not regret going to one for the first time. You might regret that you didn’t go to one sooner however!!
Blog post courtesy of @LeedsDad

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